Wednesday, February 8, 2012

A blog on everything?

Yes, this is how you might describe it. This blog is about everything related to security simply because you can NOT have security on a single level. A single level security can easily be described as "locking the door while the windows are open".

To be able to talk about security, even at a very basic level, you have to be sure that you have covered the main bases. Make sure your information is safe, your physical location is safe, your money is safe and you are safe. In other words, this is where you stand;

Or at least this is where you have to stand. Anything less or favoring one side for the other leaves you open to threats.
Today threats are many and different, from a 13 years old "script kiddie" to an old employee who hates you, everyone can be a threat. It would be almost impossible to be prepared for every different potential attack so we will have to keep things very simple.
Just as the great Archilochus said: "the fox knows many tricks, and the hedgehog only one; but that is the best one of all!"

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